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Colori, sapori e tradizioni del Sol Levante arrived in CremonaFiere il 21 e 22 Maggio prossimi on the occasion of the Japan Show – Salone della Giapponese culture and Italian Koi Expo – Campionato Internazionale di Carpe Giapponesi.

Dall’artigianato alle specialità gastronomiche, dallo studio della lingua all’editoria, going through art, design and writing. Dalle sinuose ed eleganti forma dei bonsai ai laghetti ornamentali, dagli itinerari di viaggio allo sport, passing per il benessere e la cura per la persona. A varied repertoire of exhibitions completes the richness of an event program with presentations, laboratories, workshops, shows and conferences to get to know the neighbor of the Japanese culture, with: painting Sumi-E and Zen meditation with the Association “Bodai-Dojo” di Alba (CN), guided by Master Beppe Mokuza Signoritti, workshop on the bonsai cure, the art of Kintsugi, origami laboratory, spettacoli di tamburi Taiko, Ikebana, Tea Ceremony, Kamishibai and fiabe giapponesi, wabi-kusa laboratory and approfondimenti sul mondo delle carpe koi.

“Cremonafiere has approached 2022 with great enthusiasm and is very pleased to see the contract for the support of the Petsfestival and the Italian Koi Association with whom we have begun this new journey uniting our specific competence – said Roberto Biloni, President of Cremonafiere – . The main objective is to far enjoy the event, a continuative point negli anni. This modality is in line with the Piano di Sviluppo approved it this year and with the strategy to condivise with the Council of Administration and the partner of Cremona, who has intuited the importance of providing new activities and initiatives rilancing with courage in this period così difficile”.

L’approccio è condiviso even da Petsfestival. “We are enthusiastic about this event, but it is not just a fair point dealing with a calendar but not ancora ristabilitosi dopo il covid e conflitto bellico in Corso – says Gian Domenico Palieri President of Petsfestival-. We thought of a gemma curata nei contenuti, in the programma and in ogni dettaglio per poter I will present to the public, not only from the pet setter, a beautiful, interesting container and for all the family: we would work hard. Carpe Koi come forse mai vests prima d’ora in Italy, Giappone (quasi) at 360° degrees and so much enthusiasm in a partnership with CremonaFiere and Italian Koi Association that grows and consolidates”.

Pulsating heart of the Manifestazione will be at the International Koi Carpe Campionato, the only international event dedicated to the giapponesi carpe in Italy, with over 150 specimens in various varieties, from Italy and Europe, organized by CremonaFiere in collaboration with Petsfestival and Italian Koi Association. The event, by the entire international community of professionals and appassionati of carpe koi, coinvolgerà i giudici ZNA Rudi Van Den Broeck (Belgium), Ronald Stam (Olanda), Dirk de Witte (Belgium) and Ruud Besems (Olanda) ed esperti del settore impegnati in appuntamenti informativi. The awards if Domenica svolgeranno 22 Maggio alle ore 13: category award for the first and second classificata of the sette classi di lunghezza e delle sedici ammesse category, special award “Best in Variety” assigned alla koi più bella di ogni varietà e premi Champion: Baby, Young, Adult, Mature, Supreme, Grand and Jumbo Champion. Infine, IKA will assign its own surprise prize. Main sponsor of the Koi Show 2022 is Mountain Tree, a leading company in the production of filters and accessori da laghetto.

“The atmosphere grows for the debut of the Italian Koi Expo in Fiera a Cremona – concludes Sebastiano Adami, president of IKA (Italian Koi Association) -. Siamo proud to bring in Italy the Koi Show dopo five years of assenza e di poter I will present an international port event. The community of professionisti e appassionati is responding with great enthusiasm and with the labor of the squadra svolto insieme CremonaFiere e Petsfestival stiamo putting the base for an annual high livello dedicated to the world of carpe koi”.

Japan Show and Italian Koi Expo saranno opened to the public Saturday 21 and Domenica 22 Maggio, from 10:00 to 19:00. The big tickets for access to the Manifestazione are available for online purchase at the link: www.japanshow.it/ticket.

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Japan Show: Giapponese culture goes on stage at Cremonafiere – Cremonaoggi

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