Gioia Tauro, another city of success: Carla Morogallo new director general of La Triennale Milano

Born to Gioia Tauro in 1980, Carla Morogallo obtained in 2005 the laurea in Beni Culturali presso l’Università di Pisa: currently she is also an important competitor for Miur. She also received the nomination of the Director General for the note Fondazione La Triennale Milano

Ancora a cittadina originating from Gioia Taurus that wins an ottimo riconoscimento a livello nazionale. I dope the conquest of David di Donatello by Swamy Rotolothe Italian “miglior attrice”, the dottoressa Carla Morogallo diventa general director of The Milan Triennale. The Council of Administration of the Fondazione has recognized in law “a figure of great professionalism, with a deep knowledge of the institution, who will guide the Triennale for four years, contributing to the definition of the strategic line and cultural planning”. Per la gioiese si tratta di un longo percorso, given that she was entered in the Triennale in 2005 with a shooting and now she has had a lot of fun, with responsibility and directing functions always growing. His nomination by the General Directorate comes at the conclusion of a public selection process scheduled for April 6, 2022.

“I am happy and honored – has confirmed the new general directive – Of this new rule, all the interns of an institution in which I am growing professionally and who for me represent first of all one space of scope and rifles at our present. In line with the vocation for public service that characterizes Triennale, my impegno will consolidate the opening alla città, the dialogue with the institutions, partners, and pubblici, nell’ottica di essere più inclusivi e accessibility. My work does not promote anni if ​​it is indicated in particular due to the objective that the CdA has identified as a priority: the advance of a process of innovation of the organization and the valorization of the laughter, the sviluppo of our strategic progetti per l’istituzione , its national and international scale. Ringrazio il Presidente Stefano Boeri e tutto il Consiglio di Amministrazione por la fiducia e il sostegno che hanno demostrato nei miei confronti”.

Chiè Carla Morogallo

Born to Gioia Tauro in 1980, Carla Morogallo obtained in 2005 the laurea in Beni Culturali presso l’Università di Pisa. This year she started the professional journey in Triennale Milano with its Cultural Initiative. Da allora she has recovered numerous ruoli all’interno dell’istituzione, with responsabilità e funzioni direttive semper crescenti. In the year 2019 she is appointed Director of Operations, assuming the organizational and administrative management of La Triennale Milano and contributing to the definition of its programmatic and strategic line.

Previously, from 2017 to 2019, Morogallo has overseen the rule of Responsabile degli Affari istituzionali, supervising the activities and sviluppo degli Affari generali, legali e istituzionali, delle Risorse umane, dell’Area tecnica e dell’Archivio e della Biblioteca. From 2012 to 2017, in qualità di Responsabile dei progetti istituzionali, he has sviluppato collaborazioni e partnership his national and international scale, once again to redirect the first project of cultural mediation through Triennale Milano and gli atenei della città. From 2007 to 2012 he worked at the Triennale Design Museum, coordinating the cultural production and international initiatives.

Morogallo può vantare also important chiamata dal Miur. In 2022, there is a request from the Ministry of Instruction to be part of the Commission for the writing of the guidance line of the new financial year within the scope of the PNRR. She is currently a member of the Consiglio Direttivo di Federculture.

Thing è La Triennale Milano

The Triennale Milano hosted inside the Palazzo dell’Arte, was established in Monza in 1923. It is an international cultural institution that produces shows, conventions and events of art, design, architecture, fashion, cinema, communication and society. It organizes a show of great visibility and attention as those who dedicate themselves to contemporary art, agli architetti and designer of national and international fame, ai great stilisti that have changed taste and costume, ai temi sociali. The Fondazione does set as an objective, without giving birth to it, the stimolo dell’interazione tra industry, mondo produttivo e le art applicate.

In questa ottica, negli anni, the Triennale has assumed a role of media amplifier for the innovative Italian environment, also catalyzing the confrontation between the current variety that man hand andavano sviluppandosi. From 2007 it was the seat of the Triennale Design Museum. In 2011 it hosts the Teatro dell’Arte, the most significant source of the Milanese scene, a new point of reference for cultural projects and performative art.

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Gioia Tauro, another city of success: Carla Morogallo new director general of La Triennale Milano

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