From Gressoney to New York, i successi delle illustrazioni di Monica Barengo

From children’s games to adolescents, but to become an authentic work of adults, the design is always provided for Monica Barengo an essential and inalienable part of life itself. L’illustratrice piedmontese, resident in Gressoney-La-Trinité, Impegnata from Italy, France and Taiwan, has been able to collect in the corso degli anni numerosi successi in the artistic sphere, last of the quali la victoria stelle e strisce del “New York Times/New York Public library Award 2022” award for the best illustrated book for children written in collaboration with the author Davide Cali, “The writer”.

The illustrations of Barengo

the book

published in Italy nel 2018, “The writer” He narrates with the voice of a cagnolino the story of friendship and love that he bequeathed to his father, writing of the sedentary life that the quadruped piccolo should worry about rendering more punctual and societal.

“The idea for this publication was born in 2014when, occupying with another white illustrator, have not seen piombare in the monotony of the family a cagnolino di name Greta – rammenta Barengo -. Since my editor has rejected my proposal to insert the new animal character into the pages in imminent conclusion, offer me but the possibility of illustrating a new one, please help me Davide We tried to complete an opera per noi molto dissatisfied”.

“The writer” dip the ironic and quasi comic figure of a artist – author ma non soltanto – così imprisoned from his own art and from his own creative vein of dimenticare di restare con i piedi per terra e ancorati alla realtà: Comperato dall’editore americano “Eerdmans” ed entered the state market, the book is a Celtic state of competent giuria composta da tre professionisti of the sector his the other miglia of titoli in pubblicazione quest’anno.

“I am very happy with my project, as part of my personal biography, but I don’t want my sarei to look forward to the fact that this received recognition from this generation, the result of which was not a spontaneous candidacy, but from one selection that has been selected and concurrent with solo 10 – continues ancora la donna -. During the pranzo-cerimonia on the occasion of which the vincitore was communicated by the best designer, my only thought was like all fosse new and exciting e di come fose strange ed exciting essere interviewata dal “New York Times” o parlare davanti ad autori, giudici e direttori”.

Monica and Holly from the American publishing house “Eerdmans”
Monica and Holly from the American publishing house “Eerdmans”

A life dedicated to art

class 1990 and passionata di disegno da tutta la vita, at the end of a percorso di studi liceale di ambito artistico, Barengo I beat one studio bag to attend the triennial parade of illustration Ied of Turin. È during the discussion of the propria theses What is the way to find and know what is written? Davide Caliassieme al quale publica nel 2013 e per conto della casa editrice padovana “Kite Editions” his cousin white illustrated, “Poline”Other than Italy, it is also distributed in France, Spain, China and Korea.

“Sin da piccola l’arte è semper stata per me più di un simple hobby, ma il sogno di potervi trovare un qualche lavorative sbocco My age is irreversible except that, during my last year of high school, I didn’t have a way to participate in the pomeridian workshop of an illustrator that I had fatto understand that that was my road – racconta Barengo -. In love with my profession, I sound at the moment Illustrative for books, magazine and private of around a tenth of years”.

Dopo essere stata selected nel 2012 for the exhibition of illustrators of the “Fiera di Bologna”the next year the lady if aggiudica il “Previsioni future” award given by the “Associazione illustratori italiani”; chiamata nel 2014 a vestire i panni di testimonial of the “Baccanale di Imola” dedicated to highlighting the culture of cibo and dell’enogastrnomia, between 2018 and 2019 Barengo comes selected after i fifty finalists of the “Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition in Shanghai”.

Currently, the lady collaborates regularly with the Australian magazine tutta al femminile “Womankind” nonché with the rubric “Anticorpi” di “F Magazine” alternating with i suoi lavori di illustratrice di booktra i quali i maggiormente recenti risultano l’adattamento espagnolo del capolavoro by Gustave Flaubert “Madam Bovary” by “Alma Editorial” e gli italiani “The baby that does not sleep mai” and “Felicita ne avete?” respectfully published by conto di “Rizzoli” and “Kite editions” on the side of the scrittrici Lydia Ravera and Lisa Biggie.

The illustration of “The baby that does not sleep mai”
The illustration of “The baby that does not sleep mai”

The rapport with Valle d’Aosta

Piedmontese of origin, during any year of residence in the city of Torino Barengo Approda for love in Valle d’Aosta alla end of 2019 e little cousin of the pandemic.

“In that period I was washing “Felicita ne avete?”, story of a strega and of the forest in cui vive che ho voluto ricalcare inspiring me to the landscape of the valley of Gressoney – concludes the illustratrice -. I think that if there is no sudden influenza from the Valdostano environment, I will fool the book in town and its design will save the country maggiormente urbani e Conditions of all the elements and colors that every day are scorgo dalla mia finestra e che cerco di riportare e di rendere al meglio”.

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From Gressoney to New York, i successi delle illustrazioni di Monica Barengo

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