David LaChapelle, shows it to the Mudec di Milano: gives Kim Kardashian to Naomi, her artist photo

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David LaChapelle. I believe in Miracles”, al Mudec from April 22 to September 22. Dissacrant, provocative, coloratissimo. The famous fashion photographer brings his world to the museum: “My gift was an extra dose of life”

«Ho avuto an extra gift di vita e ho perso la paura della morte». David LaChapelle non si stanca mai di commentare, con stupore, il suo essere, a 58 years old, live anchor. “When I see my friends, one of the others is convinced that they will arrive soon after their turn,” says the artist. He does refer to the first year of Ottanta, when Aids rapì intere generazioni. Domani inaugurates the Mudec «David LaChapelle. I believe in Miracles» (end to September 22)personale of the American photographer, curated by Denis Curti and Reiner Opoku, who with oltre 90 operates through oversize format and site-specific installation along with his artistic carrier (and research).

LaCahapelle and il sacro

Miracles, miracoli: lui, senza modesta, afferma «certo che ci creedo, la fede mi accompagna da quando ero piccolo, even if my family was not religious», and for the mother, origini Lithuanian, profuga negli Stati Uniti, «più che in Dios credeva nella Natura», and della «fede tepida» of the father, terza generazione di ugonotti (da lì il cognome francese). Il sacro, la religione, filtered with funny provocation and an abundant use of the integral knot (che ha scatenato accuse di blasfemia), is always a central theme of his production. We show it and work for the people in the roof on top of all the steps of the museum. The inspiration is vetrate delle chiese, le storie nei riquadri sono vivide e d’impatto, per ottenere sfumature di colore più cariche Chapelle ha dipinto i negativi.

The nature and the city

The show has not (voluntarily) a chronological progress, if it immerses, if it laughs soon for a new tuff, and if it happens, it gives a series all’altra, so state selected it più importanti. Knowing the Ricon artist immediately after «The Deluge» (2006) and the successive «After the Deluge» (2007-09), Lui Ricorda anchors a return that is the status of the Universal Deluge by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel to suggest to reshape l’impietosa voracità dell’acqua. E poi «Land Scape» (2013), cycle dove shines l’assenza dell’uomo, il baricentro è sullo sfruttamento delle risorse naturali, oppure «Jesus is my homeboy» (2003), desolanti scenari urbani come quinte per i messaggi di Gesù.

The star of Hollywood

Say safe colpiranno Kim Kardashian in penitent Maddalena version (“Abiding Lamentation”), la Venere nera Naomi Campbell in «Rape of Africa»hey ritratti glam delle pop staraffiancati uno all’altro come poster murari, while it stands on the front, to ricordare come in contrast to the expiration of the cose umane (including fame and wealth) risalta «Seismic Shift», opera that has richiesto a lunghissima lavorazione, «anni, i modellini sono stati creati da hollywood miniaturist», underline. And he aggiunge, “it’s not always, because I missed Andy Warhol it was enough ten minutes, right now I collocare alle his spalle delle Bibbie, Andy was observant, he was at messa.” La chiusura è sulla natura di Maui, personal refuge every year. «I always produce less, my concentration più sugli obiettivi. My interest is to show soprattutto the fragilità nostra e del pianeta».

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David LaChapelle, shows it to the Mudec di Milano: gives Kim Kardashian to Naomi, her artist photo

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