Bob Dylan pittore, at MAXXI di Roma his mostra sulle arti visive

It is a beautiful surprise to discover something interesting about its Bob Dylan, a very famous artist who arrived on the 81st year of his age and is considered the greatest singer-songwriter of the song history, the other author of the Nobel laureate. It will probably happen to many visitors of the show ‘Retrospectrum’, in corso al MAXXI di Roma until 30 April. Observando le cento e più operate if you easily notice that Bob Dylan has done a lot of his best also with the painting, the design, the graphics.

“It is the first time that we present in a European museum a selection of visual works by Bob Dylan. – Ci says the curator of the show Shai Baitel presenting the exhibition in anteprima-. This is the case with the word ‘Retrospectrum’: if it is a combination between the words ‘Retrospettiva’ and ‘Spettro’. The visitor can take the journey of Bob Dylan when he has started to create visual art. We give the public the possibility of daring to discover the various decades and the various forms of visual art that Dylan has created and is still creating.”

Visual art does connect directly to Dylan’s musical world, even though it has mysterious versions and in this expressive tempo. Nelle tele al Maxxi ci sono la bellezza e la solitude, il viaggio e l’ignoto, le baracche e gli skyline. C’è substantially l’America secondo Dylan, or at least a part che merita di essere evocata. Per questa sua raffinata quotidianità dei temi, ‘Retrospectrum’ potrà piacere anche a chi non è particularly passionate about the music of Bob Dylan.

Il percorso di show if it articulates in other sections that ripercorrono il viaggio dell’artista:

-Early Works exposes a series of designs by Settanta years nei quali Dylan takes note of the realtà che surrounds it, di ogni immagine che has a portata di mano, disignando a piena pagina figure and oggetti.

-The Beaten Path It is a ritratto of the American landscape, but intravedere the beauty in which dimented places that fanno da sfondo alla vita quotidiana. Le opere showano scorci di motel e tavole calde semper aperte, di auto d’epoca, di grandi palazzi illuminati dai lampioni.

-Mondo Scripto Presents some of the testimonials by Dylan, personally transcribed by the artist and accompanied by his graffiti designs. Say this series fa part Subterranean Homesick Blues Serieswho will enter the MAXXI collection.

-Revisionist It is a series in which Dylan re-elaborates the graphics, the parole and the chromatic content of the contemporary celebrities, from “Rolling Stone” to “Playboy”, to transform it into new screen-printed images of large dimensions.

In “The Drawn Blank” Sono raffigurate istantanee della vita in strada: ritratti, luoghi storici, panorami e angoli nascosti. The series was born from a raccolta di schizzi made between l’89 and il ’92 during the tour in America, Europe and Asia.

-New Orleans It is the series that immortalizes the legacy of Dylan and New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz. I gesti e le abitudini dei suoi cittadini de él sono per Dylan fonte di ispirazione.

-Deep Focus ci fa vedere dipinti con particularari inquadrature e tagli dell’immagine. Yes, it inspires the documentary spirit of photography and cinema.

-Ironworks He led the show with a series of sculptures in iron, functional structures composed of oggetti and attrezzi converted to new use by the rich man, joining the rich childhood of Dylan in the mining area of ​​northern Minnesota, as well as the industrial pass of the State Uniti.

Seeing that there is a market for this work, I say to Baitel: is he the typical collector?

“Credo che siano mainly persone che comprendono l’importanza della società e della culture e della Historia-risponde il curatore della mostra-. Dylan is an iconic personage of modern history of the State Unity of the world. He has started to create when he has a window of the year and is soon to arrive to Farsi to notice, becoming an important singer-songwriter and visual artist, even if we scoped out this aspect of a very late year. He has turned in parallel this due attività allowing him to see aspects of history, society and culture through his own special point of view of him. Dylan è come uno storico: he è un osservatore di eventi, luoghi, paesaggi. ”

BP Second, how much is visual art currently important in Dylan’s life and career?

SB “I believe that it is a very important component of his life because his talent is granted by comporre ed eseguire canzoni , ma anche disegnare, dipingere e scolpire. Qui possiamo vedere also his sculture in ferro, che mantengono il ricordo della sua infanzia de él en Minnesota, che è chiamata la Terra del ferro. Ci sono i paesaggi con la ferrovia, che lui ha usato spessissimo dal Minnesota a New York City. Dylan has incorporato nei suoi lavori de él molto del suo viaggio de él.”

BP And there is also a dipinto from Piazza di Spagna in show qui al Maxxi. Can I not tell the story?

SB “Yes, it is proper to the center of the route. Dylan has a special feeling for Italy and Rome in particular. Noi pensiamo che in “When I paint my masterpiece”, one of the sue canzoni, when it says ‘When I dip my capolavoro’ if I can refer to an image of Piazza di Spagna, which is an icon considered by many as one of the vedute più belle del mundo. Forse also Dylan thinks about it and has decided to dip it.”

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Bob Dylan pittore, at MAXXI di Roma his mostra sulle arti visive

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