Bauhaus Paratissima: 10 days of art, music and food and wine all’ARTiglieria

The city of Turin is ready to welcome youEurovision Song Contest 2022, one of the events più attesi dell’anno per laughter and notoriety. The event has been carried out with the initial correlate quali Euroclub, a contest per mettere in the Risalto club and locale della Città, expanding the palinsest and the proposed cultural offer to the vast public that will follow the demonstration.

Tra le 10 venue è stata scelta BAuhaus Paratissimaone space plural, characterized by collision tra music, art, sport ed enogastronomy. Proposal with its characteristic Cortile accommodating tourism and residents with a palinsest of events turned to mettere in light and talent of the territory, coinvolgendoli in incontri, talk, dj-set, live shows and tastings.

All’interno dell’ex Accademia Artiglieria – incubator of artistic and cultural activities of the BAuhaus party – cittadini and tourism can also visit the Liquida Photofestival di Paratissima: the programmazione degli eventi dedicated to all’Eurovision Song Contest will be on via its own opening Party of the Mostra Liquida Photofestival scheduled for 5 May, and will continue with numerous fine remarks at 15 Maggio, with the first remarks of the “Cortile Sonoro” – interdisciplinary plan realized by alternative domeniche pomeriggio in città.

Bauhaus Paratissima: the program of appuntamenti

Giovedì 5 maggio dalle 19:00 alle 00:00 | liquid opening party
On the occasion of the inauguration of the Liquida Photofestival, the ARTiglieria con-temporary art center will host an event that will include photography and music. Liquida Photofestival – power by Paratissima – in its first edition, will be a reference to restore the status of photographic research in its diverse form of expression, giving voice to the new talent of contemporary photography. A festival in which the image runs, as secondando il sentiero di fiume to volte impetuous, to volte docile, ma mai iguale se stesso. With positive content, talk, workshop, editor and laboratory, Liquida Photofestival will animate the spazi dell’ARTiglieria Con/temporary Art Center from May 5 to 29. For festeggiare insieme il giorno dell’opening, gli spazi espositivi saranno occasionally aperti from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and the entrance ticket will be ridotto per tutti and visitors at 5 euro. Sarà invece possibile access to the Cortile e negli spazi interni Bauhaus for free. The sound colonna of the event will be curated by the Italian composer and producer of experimental electronic music Corgiat. Classe 1995, he is specialized in Musical Electroacoustic Composition at the Conservatory of Torino, two years ago in the study of classical and jazz pianoforte. The artist is invited by the festival’s diversity noti such as Movement, Robot and Seeyousound festival, gaining his or her wide knowledge for his refined speculation on his perception of his dream and his rapport with human nature.

Saturday 7 maggio dalle 21:30 alle 00:00 | the sound of Ukraine
A charity event that will see the protagonist of the Kalush Orchestra, a Ukrainian band that will present the Stato sul paco di Eurovision and will suonerà in acoustics in the cortile dell’ARTiglieria. The event will be successful in the face of a donation up to you to support the Ukraine.

Giovedì 12 maggio dalle 19:00 alle 2:00 | this is indie
Bauhaus hosts its own space in the “This is indie” format, an event born in Torino in 2017 at the time of Simone Cerrotta and Tommaso Colella. This is indie is a new way to experience indie-pop music: the public will sing and listen to the popular music of the Italian independent scene in a cozy and convivial atmosphere. The format has conquered in a short time the main Italian city, animating club and cultural center sulle note dei cantautori e produttori musicali più ascoltati, uniting più generation of artist and public. The event will be free, it will be possible to register if it is processed and the social channel of Bauhaus and This is indie.

Friday 13 March from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. | What’s your vision?
It is the ideato start up torinesi Spunzone and Domethics event, in the context of the Eurovision 2022 international musical event. vision, in-vision I am only one of the concetti that if I could create the declinazione of the parola VISION. The public present and online will be directly involved in the investigation of her own “vision” through a contest that will take place on social media during the session. If you want to present your own and personal declinazione di “vision” through a story on your Instagram: whether it is a video or a photo, the parrot reinterpretation of the parola should emerge powerfully – below the hashtag of the hashtag that I will create accordingly. By tagging the page of Sounzone and Dometics, inoltre, the story of the summer is divided into its social and proiettate during the serata dell’evento. Infine, the four significant stories will be synchronized with the music present in the Sounzone catalog. In a similar way and to the dissimilar contempo, also due to startup organization Lavorano with il concetto di vision. Sounzone si occupa di syncronizzazioni: unisce due to diverse vision – that of the videomaker and that of the music producer – to create a final product capable of stupire and emotion. Domethics, invece, if it occupies the transformation of the old smartphone and tablet into new and powerful gateway of home automation: passato e futuro if we find through a unique and eco-sustainable visionary device. The stessa venue di Paratissima, which will host the serata, is the perfect example of the diverse vision. During the period of the event, infatti, will host the Liquida Photofestival: the show that investigates the status of photographic research in all possible ways guided by the artistic direction of Laura Tota. To sound the event: Luca De Gennaro | TmZ | scooter | Luigi Rocca | Boss Doms.

Saturday 14 Maggio Dalle 15:00 alle 2:00 | Il Sabato in Cortile
In the final year dedicated to the finale of the Eurovision, music, in all its aspects, will be at the center of the BAuhaus programme. The event will start at 3:00 pm with the presentation of the volume “Ti Racconto Una Canzone” -AAVV- ARCANA EDITORE; Interverranno il curatore Massimiliano Nuzzolo e gli autori Luca Ragagnin e Domenico Mungo. A cycle di intervenes tenute in a salotto en plein air by Damir Ivic, giornalista, presenter and music critic (soundwall) il quale racconterà e farà raccontare Alioscia (frontman insieme Giuliano de Palma from I Casino Royale), Donato Sansone (regist and graphic torinese), Degio’s, Giorgio Valletta, Tape Out, TmZ and Alex Neri. Dalle ore 20:00 alle ore 21:30 la musica indipendente will be the protagonist of the spazi, with a live dei Kanerva, an emerging indie-rock band that will animate il Cortile with i own brani.

Domenica 15 maggio dalle 11:00 alle 21:00 | Sound Cortile
The “Cortile Sonoro” project is a new one to show off the talent of the artist who encourages the Città grazie alle proprie produzioni. A cycle of mensili events that will start on May 15, involving creativity, organizers and artists in a rich palisade, with the aim of creating a dynamic interaction between use and creativity. The program will be narrated and narrated by Domenico Mungo, artistic narrator of the Rassegna, who through his own parole will guide the public. During the giornata si esibiranno gli Omini, an emerging band born in 2015 as The Minis. Suonano por la prima volta nel 2016 all’Hiroshima Mon Amour di Torino beginning un’attività live che li porterà ad aprire concerti del caliber I Subsonica, Caparezza e Baustelle. The Onstage School, scuola di musica torinese, porterà negli spazi dell’Artiglieria diversi artisti e musicisti during the giornata, to show the talent of the new light city.

Date/e: 5 Maggio 2022 – 15 Maggio 2022
Schedule: 10:00 – 23:59

ARTiglieria Con/temporary Art Center
Piazzetta Accademia Militare, 3 – Turin

Varies to seconda dell’evento

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Bauhaus Paratissima: 10 days of art, music and food and wine all’ARTiglieria

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