Banksy at the Museo della Città di Livorno: oggi il vernissage, domani 17 decembre l’apertura della mostra. Orari, biglietti and info utili

Opening to the public Sunday Saturday 17 December, it will be inaugurated today with the vernissage of 5:30 p.m., the mostra prodotta e organizzata dal Comune di Livorno e MetaMorfosi Eventi “Banksy, Capitalist Realism. An unauthorized exhibition“in program at the Museo della Città di Livorno until the next March 19, 2023. This negli spazi of the Bottini dell’Olio cultural center, and visitors will find a selection of the operas of the English artist known in tutto il world by the dirompent and caricature parrot For i parrot messages transversali, politici e sociali, capaci di interpretare con i tratti veloci e intuitivi della street art la realtà complessa dei nostri tempi.

After this, some will see their own iconic British artist: Girl with Balloon, everyone knows how “la bambina con il palloncino rosso”, forse la più amata tra tutte le opere di Banksy, e Love is in the Air, il ” Lanciatore di fiori”. The exhibition in Livorno deals with the first time Banksy became a great classical artist. Thanks to a collection of original and authentic pieces of spectatori who have been able to enter the artistic imaginary of an author who recently passed a sale through the world cultural scene and who has also found current scenes of war as scenic stages for their artistic messages, showing Ancora a volta la sua capacità di stare in mezzo al presente.

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Strutturated in a rigorously non-commercial manner, Banksy Capitalist Realism is not an immersive reproduction show – a collection of original works that allow all spectators to enter the contemporary world seen with the occhi of a great artist, capable of lasciare
il segno grazie a un messaggio semplice ma di dirompente impatto sulla realtà.

“An’altra grande shows – said the Sindaco di Livorno Luca Salvetti – approda Livorno on the splendid cornice of the Museo della Città ai Bottini dell’Olio. Dopo Modigliani has registered 110 thousand presence in three months, Livorno hosts the operation of the world’s greatest performer della Street Art, the artist Banksy, whose identity is unknown, even if it presupposes that he is English and was born in Bristol in 1974. Banksy has a great appeal as a young man and I am certain that many parrots if they request to visit the exhibition Own by questo l’Amministrazione Comunale has decided to organize, as a corollary of the show, a series of events che coinvolgano giovani, appassionati di street art and gallerie cittadine.

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GIRL WITH BALLOON La “ragazza con palloncino” è forse l’immagine più populare di Banksy, voted in 2017, in a poll promoted by Samsung, like the opera più amata dai britannici. Banksy painted for the first time Girl with Balloon, with the stencil technique, in a non-commissioned form on a wall next to a bridge in the Southbank area, London, in 2002. The artist signs the operation on an electric cassette, Situated in the basso a destra dell’opera, and accompanied by the image with a text that recites: “C’è semper una hope”.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR Also known by the name of Flower Thrower (Lanciatore di Fiori) apparently for the first round in 2003 as stencil non-commissioned to Gerusalemme, its wall built to separate Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank area. In the course of this year’s stesso, the edition is carried out by its red background: a young man throwing a fiori mazzo, symbol of an anti-militarist revolution that led the common sense of urban warfare. Love Is In The Air cites and manipulates the imaginary of the attivisti during the university tour that crossed the United States and Great Britain in the Vietnam period, and takes the title of a famous song, published in 1977, by Australian singer John Paul Young.

LOVE RAT I topi sono tra i soggetti più rappresentati da Banksy che su di loro scrive: «Esistono senza permesso. I am hated, braccati and persecuted. I live in a quiet dispersal against sporcizia. Eppure, sono capaci di mettere in ginocchio intere civiltà».
The artist draws a parallel between the tops and the condition of the street artist and is kept on guard against the calm and ambiguous crowds. I topi di Banksy were favored by the imaginary of another street artist, the French Blek Le Rat, who in the corso degli anni Ottanta disseminates around Parigi with a vision similar to that of the British artist. The mole of Love Rat is represented with a large pen in his hand while he has finished pulling the outline of a red heart on an invisible wall. The symbolism suggests that street art – no matter how insignificant it may be sown at first sight – is worthy of love and that questi piccoli contributes that may have a luminous impact on the surrounding community.

TOXIC MARY/VIRGIN MARY Virgin Mary is also noted as Toxic Mary because of the candle symbol on the bottle. Secondo alcuni l’immagine presents a harsh criticism of the ruolo della Religione nella Storia; secondo altri è a critique of the way in which we are educating and our children. L’opera rende a Madonna con Bambino nello stile del Rinascimento. L’immagine presents delle colature che riportano un elemento peculiaredella street art. It is a typical popular image that Banksy used to take a “détournement”. If it deals with a process that allows you to enjoy immagini, it will crystallize in your memory, manipulating it and placing elements that do not in crisis have an acquired meaning. L’opera is presented at the first round in 2003 as a stencil artist for her canvas at the Corso della Turf War show.

BOMB HUGGER è un’immagine che parla di guerra e quindi attualissima. There is an official title and one adopted by the public: the official title is Bomb Love. Tuttavia il publico ha accolto como Bomb Hugger, ovvero, colei che abbraccia la bomba. The image is published in 750 serigraphic copies of Pictures On Walls, taken during the demonstrations in Great Britain to criticize the joint intervention with the USA against Iraq. Her uno sfondo rosa pop, una bambina abbraccia a bomba come se ella stesse abbracciado un orsacchiotto. The artist is talking about the war in the fornite version of the rulers and the media in the scope of giustificare l’attacco all’Iraq, of course, a war to “sport democracy”. The image is reproduced in various formats, it appears sui muri di città europee tra cui Berlino, made a stencil ma anche su cartelli distribuiti al publico in occasione delle proteste antimilitariste. Starting around 2000, Banksy documents some Bomb Hugger in monochrome stencil his public wall in 2003, made in the area of ​​London and near Brighton.

Banksy, capitalist realism: info and biglietti

Production and organization of the Municipality of Livorno and MetaMorfosi Events
From December 17, 2022 to March 19, 2023
Museo della Città di Livorno, Polo Culturale Bottini Dell’Olio
Piazza del Luogo Pio, Livorno

Museo della Città | 0586 824551
Opening hours from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Always open Christmas, S.Stefano, December 31, 1st and 6th

€12 whole;
€8 price;
€2 ridotto school
Visit guided by group max 25 people €50

Office Stampa MetaMorfosi Eventi
Maria Grazia Filippi

Office Stampa Comune di Livorno
Dott.ssa Maria Ursula Galli

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Banksy at the Museo della Città di Livorno: oggi il vernissage, domani 17 decembre l’apertura della mostra. Orari, biglietti and info utili

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