At Christmas one month of free museums and visits guided by everyone and padovani

On the occasion of Christmas, as it is a consolidated oramai tradition, it is possible to freely access the Padovano museum system for residents in the city and province and for students enrolled in the Università di Padova, who understand that they participate in an Erasmus project. The sites that can be visited for free are: Musei Civici agli Eremitani, Palazzo Zuckermann, Palazzo della Ragione and Museo del Risorgimento al Pedrocchi. Sono escluse dall’iniziativa la Cappella degli Scrovegni e mostre le con biglietto Siae.

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Inoltre il Consorzio di Promozione Turistica di Padova, jointly with the Community Assessorate for Culture and Tourism, has organized ten daily free guided tours of the Beni museums and monuments of the city and in particular the Urbs Picta circuit, for resident visitors in city ​​and province and university students and the Erasmus project. For non-resident tourists, the guide will be free if you enter the museum, it will be paid for. On this date it will be possible not only to have free access to the museum, but also to have a free official guide to Padova that illustrates the monument or the real picture. Dates are 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 30, 31 December and 6, 7, 8 January. It is possible to sign up for free online on the site and from Monday 12 December it will be possible to sign up online also on the site”


L’assessore alla cultura Andrea Cultura sottolinea: «It is a consolidated tradition, for it lives in the city and in the province of Padova, during the birth period the free admission to the Padovano museum system. It is a great opportunity for the color that I live to know the parrot story. The Museum is a large archive of a stratified secular cultural memory, from the ancient Venetians to the Roman patavium, all the collections of recent contemporary art, consequently we thought that permettere all the family, to singoli ea chi loves art, a free visit is a unique occasion, for which we will have an opening of the beautiful headquarters of the Eremitani, with the cross of Giotto and the angels of Guariento, the possibility of visiting the Zuckermann, which in this year has seen many changes, the Palazzo della Ragione that is a place symbolic and identity of the city and obviously the Museum of the Risorgimento al Pedrocchi. Coloro che risiedono a Padova e in Provincia have also the possibility of acquiring a particularly favorable price, 20 euro, the card that allows me to visit the Urbs Picta for six months. The gratuità in this birth period, other than that for i residents, is also valid for those writing all the Università di Padova compresi gli students in Erasmus»


The director of the Musei Civici, Francesca Veronese, says: «We dobbiamo think about the Musei as the body is always in evolution, quindi, sono tante le novità che even i padovani che pure li conoscono possono trovare. Ogni volta, c’è qualcosa di nuovo. Al Museo archeologico sono state rinnovate alcune dedicate alle collezioni, per cui ci sono delle nuove Sale Egizie, una in particular dedicata a Belzoni con un allestimento nuovo e spettacolare. We had an extraordinary reperto, a mesopotamian statuette cherished in the IV millennium BC: ce ne sono quattro in tutto il mundo, noi ne abbiamo una e dedicato an ad hoc room. Ci sonovità alla Pinacoteca, with il riallestimento in corso della sala dedicata alla croce di Giotto che will be soon soon. Palazzo Zuckermann, Museo delle Arti Applicate has a new section dedicated to the gioiello, completely renovated and extraordinarily beautiful, and the Museo Bottacin dedicated to numismatics has increased a great time. We also had a new cafeteria, an additional service, non irrelevant, located on the side of the lapidary, in the external archeological area, a very beautiful post immersed by the reperti of the place if you can even take a moment to pause during the visit while seducing a drink or managing something.”


The president of the guide turistiche di Padova Rossana Comida illustrates the initiative that Riguardano will visit guide: «We have organized a decina to visit a guide free of charge for the residents of Padova and the Province, which are involved in important monuments legati all’Urbs Picta. Il perno di questa 10 visita guidate saranno i Musei Civici, e nello specifico dedicate to the 300 perché ci sarà a combined visit after leaving the museum and poi an uscita per verdere an other monument in the area of ​​the UNESCO site. Quindi Musei Civici and Palazzo della Ragione, with the famous astrological cycle, by the Musei Civici and Reggia Carrarese, with gli angeli del Guariento, Musei Civici and Chiesa degli Eremitani, and by the Caffè Pedrocchi that are also not in Urbs Picta nell’ 800 was one of the most important places of the city life».

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At Christmas one month of free museums and visits guided by everyone and padovani

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