An’opera d’art in the heart of the desert: I finally understood Michael Heizer’s “città”

It is an indietro voyage in time, alla scoperta delle antichissime civiltà che ci hanno regalato a millenarian culture: presto alcuni (pochissimi) fortunati potranno visitare City, the incredible open-air opera d’art performed by the American artist Michael Heizer, immersed in a desert panorama from all the rest. The impression is its own quella di fare a tuffo nel passatoin luoghi lontani migliaia di anni e migliaia di chilometri da noi.

City, the new installation by Michael Heizer

For the past 50 years of uninterrupted labor and over 40 million dollars in the budget: this is the incredibili cifre di City, a true capolavoro in the heart of the Nevada desert. The location is meravigliosa, but decidedly little hospital. E forse è proprio questo a rendere anchor più suggestiva l’opera d’arte di Michael Heiserwho has dedicated a large part of his life to the realization of a true and own monument of unique fascination in the world. Pochissimi i materiali usati: the artist has done a great deal of impiego de ciò che il paesaggio gli has offeredto, scolpendo sabbia, terra e roccia but to give rise to a complex of the other 2 chilometri di lunghezza (and the mezzo chilometro di long).

Per riuscirvi, Heizer has persino a non-profit organization (the Triple Aught Foundation) who has worked incessantly at City, and who cares if he is in charge of his management. A difficult company, which has been responsible for the association to launch a trial opening that will last for the rest of its first year of activity: some lucky people will visit the installation, and at the moment the pre-notifications are open only for the period between September 2 and November 1, 2022. Ma quali sono le beauty che potremo ammirare in this splendid “città” immersed in the desert?

The incredible beauty of the “città” in the Nevada desert

Michael Heizer has given vita ad un project both ambitious and incrediblethat now finally sees the light under the rovente sole del Nevada desert. The surrounding landscape is often ostile: we are infatti in the Great Basin, a vast area with imposing mountains and desert depressions, where the terrain is arid and the vegetation is at risk of overlife. Qui si trova il Basin and Range National Monumentun’ampia zona protetta al cui internal sorge quell’imponente capolavoro che è City.

To do this art operaHeizer has attinto a piene mani ad alcune delle civiltà più affascinanti del passato, como le antiche mesoamerican city e quelle egizie, bringing spunto persino dalle società megalitiche che affondano le loro radici indietro nei millenni. E alcune delle installazioni che trovano spazio all’interno di City ricordano proprio gli splendidi monumenti dell’antichità. Una delle più suggestive è 45°, 90°, 180°a series of cunei realized in cement and arranged in an ordinary formation, proiettando ombre meravigliose sul terrain.

Altrettanto meraviglioso è Complex Onela prima installazione costruita addirittura negli anni ’70: if it is a building that contains the splendid Piramide di Zoser, even before the past ziggurat mesopotamiche or the imposing constructions of the pre-Colombian civiltà. Virginia Dwan, gallery owner and member of the Triple Aught Foundation, has confirmed: Michael Heizer is one of the greatest innovators of our time. He is extraordinary, he has completed one of the most important art works of this age in decades of work, and he has the fortune to attend this transformative sculptural intervention without dall’inizio”.


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An’opera d’art in the heart of the desert: I finally understood Michael Heizer’s “città”

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