A Milano the prima shows (immersive) sugli Nft

A Milano covers “Mapping the Nft Revolution” by Mauro Martino, the first immersive show dedicated to the phenomenon of Nft and all’aesthetics of the metaverse. The fine registration on September 28 at the Meet Digital Culture Center of viale Vittorio Veneto, in the Porta Venezia area.

The opera is performed in collaboration with Philip Abussi, sound artist and co-founder of Mokamusic, Luca Stornaiuolo, generative Ai, and Andrea Baronchelli, scientific coordination. “Per mezzo di una video intallazione immersiva a tutto schermo realized through advanced techniques of deep-learning and visual design, Martino racconta 5 anni of evolution dell’estetica e del mercato degli Nft, allowing the fruitore di esperire the qualitative dimension of an intangible revolution , destined to influence the playful and productive text of the umane community”, spiegano i curatori

To carry out the operation, we have analyzed over 10 million NFT images, decine of millions of contracts in the market and centinaia di blockchain. “The final result is about to be a data film, a new, exciting aesthetic form, a hybrid result of data and models of artificial intelligence, a true new world of this millennium, protesting the realization of a great change in art, science and tecnologia diventano un tutt’uno”, if you read in a note that presents the innovative show.

“I always thought that the experimentation should be one of the greatest aspirations of any artist, forse perché is the only true way to be able to join the creation of anything that is truly new”, evidences Abussi, who always nourishes great interest in the new Forme di linguaggio, soprattutto is applied in the field of multisensory, immersive and technological innovations. “Insieme all’artista Mauro Martino abbiamo decided to explore and experiment, recounting a modern story through innovative language”, he continues.

The sound artist is inspired by all the beautiful images to create the algorithm to design and design the compositional structure, starting from the concept of minimalism and astrazione and using the musical and sound element, insert all the images, as unique instruments for the fruition of the racconto. This is a very precise sound research, interpreting, composing, and recomposing the universe described by Mauro Martino. “The big question is always that I provide all the spectators, through the sense of the audience, further information and other elements that I see, I have found that I have a complete perception in its insieme and a wonderfully rich experience,” continues Abussi.

In the last chapter of the immersive experience the music from the source of inspiration for the artificial intelligence, soliciting the algorithmic reactions and contributing to give life to all the final visual opera. Qui l’arte umana, expressed in note, inspires l’arte generata dall’AI creating in the contemporary a true and proper dialogue with it. “Un mondo Nft così non lo avete mai sedo, effervescent, vivacious and in continuous evolution. A world that produces and will produce important changes in the cultural and economic world”, said Maria Grazia Mattei, Founder and President of Meet.

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A Milano the prima shows (immersive) sugli Nft

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